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Earth Observation Day 2011

Third annual Earth Observation Day sponsored by AmericaView in cooperation with the USGS.   AmericaView's Earth Observation Day will be celebrated during the month of April and is supported by a website hosted by MarylandView that offers a wealth of educational resources.  Listen to a podcast about Earth Observation Day here.

AmericaView 2010 Fall Technical Meeting

The AmericaView Fall Technical Meeting, held on October 11-13, was attended by 67 members and guests in Madison, Wisconsin.  The FTM was hosted by WisconsinView and the Space Science and Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Powerpoints of  presentations, photos, and poster abstracts can be viewed at the WisconsinView website. 

Connecticut is AV's 37th member

Connecticut recently became the newest Affiliate member of the AmericaView consortium, following a unanimous vote by the AmericaView Board of Directors. Mr. James Hurd, Jr., Research Associate, is the ConnecticutView Principal Investigator and the Director of the Laboratory for Earth Resources Information Systems (LERIS) in the Center for Land use Education And Research (CLEAR), Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT. James works closely with Dr. Dan Civco, Professor and Director of CLEAR. Mr. Michael Howser, GIS Librarian in the Map and Geographic Information Center (MAGIC), is also a major ConnecticutView participant.

CLEAR and LERIS have strong connections to remote sensing education and applied research. Both James and Dan have extensive experience with coastal wetland and estuary ecosystem mapping, and have worked in forest landscape and urban systems mapping and assessment. ConnecticutView already has two academic partners, the Department of Earth and Environmental Science at Wesleyan University in Middletown, and the Center for Earth Observation at Yale in New Haven. Mr. Hurd, Dr. Civco, and Mr. Howser bring strong theoretical and applied remote sensing and mapping skills to the consortium, and have identified additional academic, government, and non-profit partners to complement and enhance what promises to be a very strong and diverse statewide consortium.

James, Dan, and Michael, welcome to AmericaView!

2009 AV Fall Technical Meeting

October 5-6, 2009

AmericaView members, hosted by the USGS, and partnering with the Upper Midwest Chapter of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS), met at the EROS Data Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  More than 80 AV and ASPRS members, students, USGS employees, and Congressional staff members learned about remote sensing research and applications, shared information on efforts to provide funding for AmericaView, and presented an award for K-12 GIScience Education.

Final Agenda
Powerpoint Presentations
K-12 GIScience Educator Award

MarylandView PI is awarded endowed professorship

July 22, 2009

Jay Morgan, MarylandView PI, was awarded a University System of Maryland endowed professorship to develop an emergency mapping tool application for Maryland using Google Maps. Morgan’s application incorporates information such as evacuation routes, bus routes and flood hazard areas, in addition to the locations of evacuation centers, hospitals, police stations, gasoline stations, hotels and motels, and other important facilities and services. Combined with Google Map’s ability to generate driving directions, this application would provide freely accessible, easy to use, and important information to the public in the event of an emergency.


AmericaView welcomes its 35th and 36th members: VermontView and WashingtonView

May 19, 2009

VermontView is directed by Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne, Geospatial Analyst in the Spatial Analysis Laboratory, Rubenstein School of the Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Vermont in Burlington. Jarlath brings experience in urban ecosystem assessment and mapping, with a focus on urban canopy analysis, expertise he developed while working with the U.S. Forest Service Northern Forest Research Station in Burlington. VermontView joins an existing state program, the Vermont Spatial Data Partnership, established in 1997 as an informal association of spatial data stakeholders committed to improving geographic information in Vermont through networking and information exchange.

WashingtonView is directed by Mark Swanson, Assistant Professor in Landscape Ecology and Silviculture in the Department of Natural Resource Sciences at Washington State University in Pullman. Mark’s expertise is in forest ecosystem analysis and modeling, at the stand and landscape scales, using a variety of ecological and geospatial techniques. WashingtonView has identified a set of highly focused educational projects at several levels within the K-12 curriculum, emphasizing the power and excitement of remote sensing and related geospatial tools and technologies.

Welcome Jarlath and Mark!

Daily MODIS imagery available to AV members

March 5, 2009

Daily Aqua and Terra MODIS Imagery is now available for 33 AmericaView states in both true and false color composites thanks to WisconsinView.  More

WisconsinView PI receives award

February 20, 2009

Dr. Sam Batzli, WisconsinView PI, was recognized with a "Friend of Land Records Award" by the Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA). In 2008, Dr. Batzli and Dr. Jonathan Chipman of Dartmouth College used an innovative radar image analysis technique to assess the flooding extent over the southern half of Wisconsin. In the process, Dr. Batzli coordinated with the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs, US Geological Survey, and other agencies to acquire disaster event data and make assessment products available to others.  More

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