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AV Member Resources

AV Member Resources

AmericaView maintains a web site to provide an overview of the AmericaView Consortium, including background and history, organizational goals and objectives, contact information, and news and events. The site is hosted and maintained by Blacksburg Electronic Village web support division, based at Virginia Tech.

For additional information about the web site or the AmericaView Consortium, contact Debbie Deagen, AmericaView Program Manager (

The AmericaView Forum is maintained by MississippiView, and provides an online threaded message board for postings on AmericaView education, research, outreach, funding, and administration.  Registration is open to all AmericaView partners and can be done automatically at the web site.  Contact Hal Robinson ( if you have specific questions.

The AmericaView Wiki is maintained by Arthur Endsley at MichiganView, and provides a Wiki space for AmericaView documents and information, including information on education, research, outreach, funding, and administration.  Registration is open to all AmericaView partners. Contact Arthur ( ) for edit access.



The AV University is a collaborative online educational resource for AmericaView partners lead by CaliforniaView and GeorgiaView. The University provides undergraduate remote sensing and related geospatial technology education courses in an online format using PG STEAMER as the remote sensing software. Information is available at the AV University web site, or by contacting JC Seong (, the GeorgiaView Director and AV University web developer. 

AmericaView maintains a Blog to communicate on a wide range of topics, events, and projects that are central to the network.  Any member of the consortium is free to post an entry on any topic or issue of interest to the membership.  The AV Blog was created by MichiganView.  For information on posting to the Blog contact Michael Battaglia at MichiganView or Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne at VertmontView.

MODIS Images for AmericaView

MODIS for AmericaView Through the direct reception facility at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, WisconsinView offers daily MODIS full-resolution browse products clipped to the dimensions of each StateView state.  Both true- and false-color images are produced for Terra and Aqua imagery in three different sizes and are available for FTP download.  Click here for access and instructions.

MODIS Product Subscriptions

PRESTIGE Data Subscriptions Through the direct reception facility at Purdue University, IndianaView offers a subscription service for regional imagery and composite products such as NDVI. Click here for access and instructions.

USGS Downloads (GloVis)

GloVis USGS Data Download Tool The USGS makes all Landsat imagery in their global archive available for free download.  This includes Landsat 1-5 and 7 imagery that is nearly cloud-free. It is available in separate bands as GeoTIFFs, pan-sharpened and resampled with cubic convolution. Click here to go to the USGS GloVis site

Quickbird, IKONOS, WorldView-1, and other images are available to AmericaView members at reduced rates from eMap International and other partners.


AmericaView Resource Sharing Web Portal

StateView program grants are made possible through a prime grant from the US Geological Survey. There are two types of funding opportunities available through the Member Services Program: annual program maintenance grants (Requests for Continuing Assistance), and new full membership grant (Requests for Assistance). By AmericaView policy, a maximum 15% Indirect Rate for sub-awardees applies to both types of grants.

Annual program maintenance grants
Each year, a program maintenance grant is available to each Full Member state consortia. These 12-month awards are administered directly by AV, and are renewable on a non-competitive basis from year-to-year providing satisfactory performance of StateView program goals is achieved.

New Full Membership grants
In addition, providing sufficient funding is available, AV may release a limited number of Request for Proposals for new Full Memberships. Proposals are panel reviewed and competitively awarded.