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Mapping the Green Infrastructure

Author: Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne   Affiliation: VermontView   Date: 1 Nov 2009
Audience: Higher Education   Course Material: No
Description: This presentation on Mapping the Green Infrastructure from the 2009 eCognition User Summit in Munich Germany provides and overview of object-based image analysis (OBIA) systems and how eCognition software can be leveraged to automatically generate an accurate high-resolution land cover dataset for the entirety of Jefferson County, West Virginia (550 km2). The project used freely available imagery (USDA NAIP), LiDAR (NRCS), and vector datasets (Jefferson County Commission). Neither the imagery nor the LiDAR were acquired for this project, making this a wonderful example of how automated feature extraction can generate a return on investment from existing datasets. Imagery and LiDAR can provide a gold mine of information, but this type of work requires a robust OBIA system, capable of processing billions of pixels worth of data.
Skill Level: Advanced   Imagery: LiDAR, Other Aerial Photography   Other Imagery: NAIP
Software Requirements: E-Cognition 8.x +
AV Resources Used: No   Download Access: Public
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