Google Earth Engine Tutorials

These Google Earth Engine (GEE) tutorials provide a foundation to quickly begin learning and using GEE. If you are new to GEE, you will want to start with this Google Earth Outreach tutorial. You may need to sign-up for a GEE account with an existing Gmail email address.

Prepared by Dr. J.B. Sharma and Mr. Zachary Noah of the University of North Georgia

  • GEE_0:  The Google Earth Engine Explorer:  Training Classifiers, Supervised Classification and Error Assessment
    • How to add raster and vector data from the catalog in Google Earth Engine;
    • Train a classifier;
    • Perform the error assessment;
    • Download the results.
  • GEE_1: Google Earth Engine Tutorial Pt. IData Acquisition
    • Acquiring data stored on Google’s servers for use in Google Earth Engine.
  • GEE_2: Google Earth Engine Tutorial Pt. IIClipping
    • How to clip a raster image to the extent of a vector polygon in order to speed up processing times as well to display only the imagery you want.
  • GEE_3: Google Earth Engine Tutorial Pt. IIIVisualization
    • How to use the knowledge of how to visualize images that you learned in previous tutorials and embed the visualization parameters inside of the GEE script so that the imagery will appear with the same visualization every time it is run.
  • GEE_4: Google Earth Engine Tutorial Pt. IVPixel Selection
    • Select pixels from rasters with conditional statements and boolean operators;
    • Select from multiple bands and images to create a single selection;
    • Create new image and transfer selected pixels to new image.