The Earth Observation Depot Network (EODN)

A distributed cloud, open-content distribution network for remote sensing data

The Earth Observation Depot Network (EODN) is a distributed storage service that capitalizes on resources from the NSF-funded GENI and Data Logistics Toolkit (DLT) projects. The Intelligent Data Movement Service (IDMS), a deployment of the DLT on the NSF-funded GENI cloud infrastructure, realizes EODN to enable open access, reduced latency, and fast downloads of valuable Earth science information collected from satellites and other sensors. Beyond basic storage capacity, the IDMS-EODN system includes mechanisms for optimizing data distribution throughout the depot network while also taking into account the desired locality of user data. Accelerating access enables better synchronization of disparate imagery sets and facilitates new cross disciplinary research applications.  Here you can find instructions on how to install a depot.