Landsat Working Group

landsat8_mission_patchDuring GY14 the AmericaView Landsat Working Group (LWG) focused on providing input to USGS on both high level and low level Landsat-based products that are of particular importance at the state (government, private, and research) levels. Input was communicated primarily through the AmericaView representative (Dr. Rick Lawrence) to the Landsat Science Team and was communicated directly during the February 2015 meeting at NASA Goddard and July 2015 meeting at EROS Center. With respect to the Landsat Science Team meetings, Dr. Lawrence also provided an update on AmericaView activities at the July 2015 meeting and provided with AmericaView membership with daily briefings during both meetings so that the states would be apprised of the latest developments regarding the Landsat program. In addition, in October 2014, numerous members of the LWG provided input to EROS on terminology used by GloVis and EarthExplorer for quick look images.

During GY16, pursuant to discussions with Dr. Thomas Loveland, the LWG expects to focus on mission definition requirements for Landsat 10. The focus is expected to be on moderate resolution imaging needs analysis. Means for soliciting broad-based input will be evaluated, including the potential for state-based “focus groups”, which would enable interactive needs analyses. AmericaView will continue to participate in the Landsat Science Team, including attendance at the July 2016 meeting in Brookings, SD, and Dr. Lawrence will again provide daily briefings of the meetings.