UAS Working Group


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During GY 14, the AmericaView UAS Working Group was active in developing and expanding UAS activities. AV was represented at the June 2015 UAS workshop, Reston VA, which was valuable in informing AV of the nature and scope of USGS’s UAS programs, and its vision for the future. StateViews have been continuing their close collaboration with USGS on technical and operational dimensions of their UAS activities.

The AV UAS working group prepared and distributed an on-line survey to AV StateViews to inventory their interest and engagement in UAS activities. Responses initially indicated a small number of active UAS programs (about 8), but a later update revealed that at least 20 StateViews are currently actively engaged in UAS activities, have initiated UAS programs, or have launched efforts to acquire UAS vehicles and FAA certification. This growth in AV UAS interest is reflected in RCAs submitted over the last several funding cycles:

  • GY 2013– 1 project: VA (UAS purchase that turned into education)
  • GY 2014– 1 project: VT (four pilot projects)
  • GY 2015– 2 projects: VT (needs assessment), VT (forestry)
  • GY 2016– 11 projects: AR (education), ID (crops), MN (Forestry), NH (reference data for Forestry), OH (general), VT (D-2data distribution portal), VT (E-14 education), VT (D-2 needs assessment), UT (needs assessment), VA (Outreach), VA (education).

Further, several StateView universities are participating in federal UAS Test Site programs. The UAS working group has been effective in guiding StateView PIs as they purchase UAS’s and seek FAA certification.  Point of contact:  Dr. Donna Delparte