The AV Water Group

2019-2020 Water Group Chair:
Lindi Quackenbush (New YorkView)

The Water Working Group ESRI Story Map that highlights current projects across the nation.

This image was created using a variety of digital image processing techniques to enhance three separate Landsat-7 images from different dates in 1999-2000 and combine them into a single composite image. The results provide a dramatic view of an algal bloom that was occurring on Lakes Mendota and Monona in late October, 1999. Source: WisconsinView.

The Water Group aims to engage experts from federal agencies, water quality-focused organizations, and the AmericaView consortium in order to evaluate existing water quality issues occurring nationally that may be addressed through sharing of remotely sensed data, remote sensing derived products, maps, algorithms and applications, and case studies (referred to as “elements” below).  The group aims to create a website that will serve as a centralized remote sensing water resource gateway and engage water quality and natural resource managers, NGOs, federal and state agencies, foundations, the public, and researchers with the goal of addressing and solving nationally-occurring WQQU issues through sharing of elements, highly-engaged partnerships, contacts, outreach, education, and knowledge transfer. The website builds on the strengths of the nationwide AmericaView consortium.