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Over the past decade eMap International has worked with academic, business, and government entities, providing the highest quality data, support, and geospatial consulting services. Our support of academic and applied research and education is reflected in the eMap - AmericaView partnership, by offering significantly reduced pricing on a wide range of archived Quickbird, IKONOS, WorldView-1, and other data products. If you are interested in any of the products covered under the AV-eMap agreement or have general questions, please contact the eMap Sales Team at  We can also be reached at (720) 470-7988, Brock McCarty, or (970) 214-1150, Reed Rowley.


Pixoneer Geomatics
AmericaView and Pixoneer Geomatics, Inc. will cooperate in the promotion and use of remote sensing software applications developed by Pixoneer with the goal of expanding and developing the existing applications of Remote Sensing Data and Technology in the academic, government and commercial sectors. Pixoneer is a premier image processing software provider for educational and research institutions, government and military agencies, and commercial entities. Pixoneer has been developing PGSTEAMER - a remote sensing software package -that supports real-time image processing and intuitive user interfaces which are critical in timely information derivation from voluminous remote sensing images.

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The GLOBE Program is an international environmental science and education program that brings students, teachers, and scientists together to study the global environment. GLOBE has created an international network of students and teachers at primary middle and secondary school levels studying environmental issues, making environmental measurements, and sharing useful environmental data with one another and the international science community. AmericaView and GLOBE work together toward common goals where synergistic benefits exist.


USGS Coalition Home
The USGS Coalition is an alliance of 71 organizations united by a commitment to the continued vitality of the unique combination of biological, geological, hydrological and mapping programs of the U.S. Geological Survey. The USGS provides independent, high-quality data, information, research support and assessments needed by federal, state, local and tribal policymakers, resource and emergency managers, engineers and planners, researchers and educators and the public. The Coalition supports increased federal investment in USGS programs that underpin responsible natural resource stewardship, improve resilience to natural and human-induced hazards, and contribute to the long-term health, security and prosperity of the nation.