United States Geological Survey

The United States Geological Survey National Land Imaging Program and AmericaView have worked synergistically since 2002 to promote the use and understanding of remotely sensed Earth observation data. The National Land Imaging program has supported AmericaView through the competitively awarded National Land Remote Sensing Education, Outreach, and Research Award grant activity. Through this grant, AmericaView has empowered Earth observation education across the United States through outreach, applied research, workforce development, and technology transfer.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA and AmericaView have partnered to develop educational resources that support Earth observation education. Since 2016, NASA and AmericaView have developed posters that celebrate and promote Earth observation education through stunning satellite imagery, facts, and engaging hands-on games. These posters have been made available to tens of thousands of teachers through the annual American Geosciences Institute (AGI) Earth Science Week (ESW) program as well as supporting AmericaView Earth Observation Day (EOD) events throughout the country.

American Geosciences Institute

The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) and AmericaView have partnered to share educational resources to tens of thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of students through the annual AGI Earth Science Week (ESW) event. Educational resources developed through the synergistic partnerships between AmericaView, USGS, and NASA are advertised and freely distributed to educators throughout the United States and beyond. This partnership has empowered teachers with the resources and tools necessary to further the understanding of Earth observation science.

AEROKATS and Rover Education Network

The AEROKATS and ROVER Education Network (AREN) and AmericaView have come together in the shared vision of empowering Earth observation education through unique outreach activities. AREN has supported AmericaView projects in the Four Corners region, as well as providing support to AmericaView members who are conducting a variety of Earth observation activities and programs including National Science Foundation (NSF) GEOPAths programs. By providing access to unique educational tools, including kites, sensors, and instructional materials, AREN has been an incredible partner in helping AmericaView achieve its vision and mission. In turn, AmericaView has had the opportunity to begin incorporating these incredible tools of exploration into its work across the nation.

American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

The American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) and AmericaView have maintained a long partnership with many AmericaView members also having membership in ASPRS. Additionally, many AmericaView members have served in leadership roles at ASPRS. Together, ASPRS and AmericaView have hosted scientific and educational talks, fostered STEM/STEAM events at national conferences, and supported the vision and mission of each organization.

The International Charter Space and Major Disasters

The International Charter Space and Major Disasters (Charter) is a worldwide collaboration of governments that make satellite data available for the benefit of disaster management and recovery. AmericaView, through the USGS, has partnered with the Charter to train many members as project managers and value added providers, or those individuals that lead a response to a Charter activation or develop critical information from data in support of the project manager. A number of AmericaView members stand ready to provide dedicated, pro bono work on behalf of the Charter in order to facilitate the acquisition and distribution of critical geospatial imagery during times of critical need.