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AmericaView advances Earth observation education through remote sensing science, applied research, workforce development, technology transfer, and community outreach.
-- Incorporated 2003

Education & Outreach

Energize Earth Observation Education and Outreach

  • Develop experiential learning activities, games, demonstrations, and art displays designed to enhance geospatial literacy.
  • Engage with K-12 teachers to develop and maintain standards-based educational materials and activities that link STEAM disciplines to community needs and issues.
  • Provide higher education students with an open, inclusive, and collaborative environment within internships, service learning programs, research opportunities, and interdisciplinary group projects.
  • Train the current workforce in industry, government, and academia using new data, products, tools, and methods.
  • Reach diverse audiences through informal education to promote the awareness and importance of Earth observation in society.

Strategic Partnerships

Expand Local, National, and International Strategic Partnerships

  • Expand its national program by identifying opportunities that sustain and expand the consortium.
  • Foster the development of educational resources that support Earth observation education, are freely available, and provide a foundational resource for the use of EO information and data to improve our world.
  • Establish strategic partnerships by identifying EO needs and opportunities in the public, private, and educational sectors.
  • Expand its international reach by establishing strategic partnerships through the GEO programs – with a focus on disaster and emergency response and education.
  • Expand working partnerships within and between StateView programs.


Strengthen Applied Remote Sensing Research

  • Augment EO research to address local to global geospatial information needs.
  • Secure funding from a variety of sources for sustaining and expanding applied remote sensing research at local to global scales.
  • Promote the awareness and applications of new and operational sensors, platforms, data characteristics, and their use in EO.
  • Expand innovative use of EO data, products and analytics by mobilizing the AV network.
  • Disseminate research methods and results through various publication formats and data portals that convey remote sensing procedures, best practices, and workflow recipes.

National Recognition

Serve as a Recognized National Remote Sensing Resource

  • Collaborate broadly with related organizations on research, outreach, and education to advance EO concepts and capabilities.
  • Champion AmericaView expertise in word and action.
  • Articulate the unique identity of AmericaView and its StateViews.
  • Continuously review and renew AV resources for relevance to the EO community.
  • Capture the imagination of the public and educate all communities.
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AmericaView values its partners and their powerful contributions towards the vision of Empowering Earth Observation Education through outreach, education, science, and research.