AmericaView is a recipient of National Geographic Funding to help facilitate geography education and understanding in the Four Corners region of the United States. The FlyHigh4Geo program is designed to engage students through interactive and inexpensive learning tools that focus on the use of remote sensing and Earth observation to gain an appreciation for local geography and culturally important areas; develop map reading/making skills; and establish a foundation for future geographic learning.

Geography: Our past, present, and future through space, place, and culture.


Space refers to the features and phenomena that occur on and near the surface of the Earth and occupy a location in geographic space. Knowing these locations, and how objects and phenomena interact with one another, give us the ability to better understand the Earth’s processes as well as human impacts on our world.


Geographic places are composed of both natural elements including vegetation, soils, mountains, and water bodies and humanmade spaces such as towns, cities, or culturally important locations. Geographic space helps foster social and cultural elements that have shaped the beliefs and values of humans.


Cultural geography describes the values, practices, expressions, artifacts, and evolution of humans. Knowledge of cultural geography helps us understand how humans have established identities and built a sense of place allowing them to share their human attributes such as history, knowledge, and language.

Program Support

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