The Pecora  20 conference will be held at Sioux Falls , SD November 14-16, 2017 with workshops on November 13th  and 14th.  

Initial Guidelines:

  • You must actively participate in Pecora to be funded.
  • You  must submit a request for funding to attend Pecora.

Reimbursement includes:

  • Early registration fee. Please register for the conference by September 15th.
  • One Workshop registration fee.   The first workshop is included in the “Full Registration”.   This will allow you to attend two workshops being conducted Monday and Tuesday morning.
  • GSA lodging.  There are limited GSA rate rooms at the conference hotel so please reserve your hotel room when you request for funding is approved
    • If you reserve your hotel room at the hotel conference after September 15th and the GSA  rooms are sold out, you will only be reimbursed for the GSA rate.
    • If you reserve your room at the hotel conference before September 15th  and the GSA rate rooms are sold out, you will reimbursed for the full rate.
    • if you reserve your room at a different hotel, you will only be reimbursed for the GSA rate or the actual cost, whichever is lower.
  • Other travel expenses such as airfare, mileage, per Diem adjusted for provided meals,  etc.  if your flight cost exceeds your original estimate by more than $100, please contact to voucher the higher air fare.

Please visit the Pecora Website to:

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