The Pecora  20 conference will be held at Sioux Falls , SD November 14-16, 2017 with workshops on November 13th  and 14th.  

Initial Guidelines:

  • You must actively participate in Pecora to be funded.  Because AV will register its participating members for the full conference, the board and staff expect effective participation from all AV participants.  For example, you can submit an abstract for a poster, submit an abstract for a paper presentation or submit a proposal for a workshop.  This may be done in collaboration with another or other StateViews, as in a panel discussion on a remote sensing topic/activity.  July 1st is the Pecora deadline to submit a presentation abstract or to submit a workshop proposals however we request that you submit your abstract by June 15th as that is when your request for funding to attend Pecora is due.   For more details, please visit
  • You  must submit a request for funding to attend Pecora.
    • One member per StateView may request funding to attend the meeting.
    • Please note that travel invoicing for Pecora participation will be handled directly by  AmericaView National, and not through a  StateView sub grants.
    • The Request for Funding to Attend Pecora form is due June 15th.

Reimbursement for Pecora will include:

  • Early registration fee.   Please register for the conference by September 15th.
  • One Workshop registration fee.   The first workshop is included in the “Full Registration”.   This will allow you to attend two workshops being conducted Monday and Tuesday morning.
  • GSA lodging.  There are limited GSA rate rooms at the conference hotel.  Please plan to make your hotel reservation when you complete your Pecora  registration.
    • If you reserve your hotel room at the hotel conference after September 15th and the GSA  rooms are sold out, you will only be reimbursed for the GSA rate.
    • If you reserve your room at the hotel conference before September 15th  and the GSA rate rooms are sold out, you will reimbursed for the full rate.
    • if you reserve your room at a different hotel, you will only be reimbursed for the GSA rate or the actual cost, whichever is lower.
  • Other travel expenses such as airfare, mileage, per Diem adjusted for provided meals,  etc.  Excessive flight costs for last minute arrangements are not acceptable.

Once your request for Pecora travel is approved, please visit the Pecora Website to:

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